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Managing Remote Teams

  • If you can, face to face as much as possible
  • Strategic, vision related items and negative situations should be dealt with face to face
  • Tools appropriate for remote team, build into the culture for intentionality of communications


  • Tools, while they may be cheap in $$, can be expensive in overhead and cost increases with integration
  • End user adoption is key, tool is not good if people are not going to use them

Managing implementation of existing software

  • If users aren't happy they'll revolt
  • App don+t necessarily meet needs, it becomes a sales job to convince people it's going to be useful

Web Assessment and Redesign

  • Get in contact with your most passionate users and get input into your website design and process
  • A mission driven redesign vs. coolness
  • Trying to retain control of your technical destiny with open source platforms

Web Redesign Part 2

  • Redesigning can be often more difficult than starting from scratch
  • When starting a redesign, addressing basic communication points. What people really want.
  • Get results out quickly, try to keep moving forward