NewYork2008:Afternoon 2 report backs

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Report Backs

Founder and consultant relationship management

  • Good communication with founder, single point of contact
  • aligning core competencies of provider and organization
  • contracts to reflect requirements


  • Methods you can use to write out your scope and requirements
  • Ways to get there, user needs, getting people involved in creating requirements, allocate time to scope

Cross Departmental PM

  • Basic definition of PM should be expanded to include an informal toolkit, a better define vocabulary of all the soft tools that PMs use to keep the project moving. Everything as real as email, to much softer teams as team building tools, to understand organizational culture, how to follow up with people, sharing ownership of the project, grounding the project in mission conversations, all these mechanisms should be written into the PM bible to give people a vocabulary.

User Testing

  • Simple plain language user stories beginning with "An user can". Write in plain language
  • Tools to see what people are doing online, you can test your users live.
  • Low Tech Usability Test, mock up web-pages and hand the printout to a user, circle or colour a button, get a reaction from the layout of the page.