NewYork2008:Interactive Agenda Clustering

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Remote teams

  • How to manage remote teams effectively
  • Managing projects from multiple locations
  • Managing teams across distances
  • How to manage distant clients

How do I rescue a failed project?

  • Dealing with problems within projects
  • Being a "rescue swimmer" for a failed project
  • How to deal with failed projects that are not your fault
  • What to do when you inherit someone else's project

Software Development:

  • Project management in software development
  • How to plan for and determine scalability of projects functionality
  • What happens after close launch or phase
  • After the launch, project management part deux
  • How to get people in organization to take responsibility of updating website
  • Projects that wont close: when to call it quits

Embracing Risk:

  • Accepting the existence of risk and planning to handle things that may go wrong and mitigate their effects

Web Design:

  • True or false 2-3 clicks tops to get info on site
  • Best practices in web navigation and architecture, what gets cut


  • Cultural politics and prejudice within a team, tech vs. non-tech, age, female, male
  • How to facilitate education, buy in and shared goals
  • How can technology align right on organization mission
  • Balance the client satisfaction with my vendor sense of what is good (a good outcome)
  • Communication between tech people and program people
  • How to convince non-profits that project management techniques are worthwhile
  • How to deal with organization politics and personalities
  • Managing expectations in-house: how to manage a supervisor who does not have technical knowledge and unrealistic expectations?


  • What are the best practices in scaling up a social networking website
  • Managing projects as an accidental team, low tech skills
  • Get strategies for project costing
  • Managing projects as an accidental project manager
  • What are the top resources website of the topic of website project management


  • Project management communication, best practices and tools for collaborations
  • What people are using to manage projects
  • Basecamp vs. sharepoint vs msproject
  • What skills/tools are useful for managing multiple projects at once
  • Wiki based project management, enhance collaboration, efficiency, communication, better documentation
  • How do people use mind mapping
  • What tools are people using out there? esp. for virtual teams


  • How do I convince a client to pay for testing
  • Is it ok to charge NGOs market rate for something I've already built?
  • Website costs, to build, to maintain, non profit rates
  • How to control client communication and how to budget for it
  • How to put a price on your time
  • How do we use technology to generate revenue for the organization?
  • What part of overall project cost should project management consume?
  • What percentage of budget should be PM?
  • How to create a technology budget and grow it
  • Selling founders on investing in ongoing support for technology
  • Making the case for long term technology needs of Nonprofits to founders and grant-makers
  • How do small non-profits decide which projects they should focus on? prioritize

Scope Creep:

  • Concrete solutions for mitigating scope creep
  • How do people manage scope creep
  • How to plan and manage for scope creep
  • What are the dangerous hidden pitfalls of project management

Project Teams:

  • Balancing responsibilities between vendor, pm and org pm
  • What technical requirements are require to support open source projects
  • Building a team considering personalities, strengths and work styles
  • How technical does a PM need to be?
  • Is there a personality associated with a good PM?
  • Are in house IT departments dead?
  • Better? in house or outsource, how to decide
  • In house tech staff vs. outsourced tech staff
  • Should there be more IT service providers in the np sector, is that financially viable?
  • How to form and effective project team
  • How do we staff projects
  • How to deal with make it so supervisors
  • Building project teams team personalities iterative vs. one shot
  • Gender dynamics in PM
  • What techniques do you use to keep clients and projects on a timeline
  • Project evaluation processes
  • Juggling multiple roles

Discovery process, planning phase:

  • Incorporating technology to the strategic planning process
  • How to say no
  • When it is time to stop planning and jump in
  • Solutions for setting clear expectations
  • What goes into the planning phase
  • I'd like to know more about how to determine benchmarks for planning and testing phases of web re-design projects
  • Big spec, menu or cowboy coding?
  • What are good rations between planning, implementation, feedback, management etc.?
  • How do you know when to stop initial scope and requirements gathering
  • Balancing planning vs. building something quickly
  • Lessons from agile project management
  • Would like to hear more from folks who've managed more iterative projects (vs. lots of planning and requirements then development)

Communications Issues:

  • Diplomacy, accountability and how to ask hard questions
  • Communication issues
  • How should one manage communication with stakeholders
  • Building a long term technology plan in a crisis situation
  • How to adequately describe and prepare clients for scope of project
  • Solutions for mitigating communication issues
  • Talk about ways to get buy in from those difficult, yet key decision makers in projects
  • Fad management (ie. we should do one of those blog things)
  • How to arrive at consensus around businesses objectives and processes among stakeholders on projects
  • How do you achieve consensus throughout an organization.

Organization Culture:

  • How do I figure out who's really in charge
  • How can PM be used as a tool for organizational change
  • How prioritize technology within an organization
  • How does one justify PM
  • Defining project roles in both organizations and vendor, mutual understanding
  • How to introduce technology for tech reluctant people
  • Understanding project roles in tech projects
  • Managing projects with multiple stakeholders
  • Anyone else working on a project where you feel hindered by legacy code, decisions that were made years ago or developers who are protective of their old ideas?
  • How to deal with the dynamics of interdepartmental demands
  • How to encourage all employees to use all features of applications
  • Long term needs (systems, maintenance) over short term 1 shot projects
  • What are strategies for dealing with ineffective, unhelpful project participants
  • How to get all levels of organization to learn about technology
  • Cultivating a project centric organization
  • Sheila mackenzie, says"there are many people in the sector who will bang on about changing the world, who will resist any effort to change the process of their own organization"


  • Technology is not magic
  • Analysing web metrics
  • How to streamline manage levels of PM, vendor PM, consulting PM, internal lead
  • How to balance multiple projects
  • Web content determination, what to keep updated and readily available, what to *archive and what to scrap
  • Time management

Buy vs. build vs rent:

  • Selecting software tools for the long term esp. if it is just you or few making the decision
  • When how often should organizations evaluate and upgrade technology
  • Cost savings of easier more expensive software vs. cheaper higher learning curve software


  • Common frustrations with vendors
  • How can I find a great vendor who understands non-profits?
  • How to choose the right vendor
  • Who are reputable web hosting vendors?
  • How to choose a vendor
  • how to manage vendor relationships and problems
  • How do you deal with multiple vendors on one project
  • Dealing with vendors
  • Who are the (dis)reputable domain registrars?