NewYork2008:Interactive Software Mapping Exercise

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Together, we'll kick off a software mapping process! We'll encourage everyone to contribute the names of any software packages they're using in the project management process to a "Wall of Software". With everyone's help in arranging and making sense of the results, we'll form a map of the software that currently in use.

There's a provisional SSC toolbox with most of the tools:

Lots of + signs mean lots of repeats. An * means we cannot find this tool on the web. Help us!


Internally developed custom tools

reports, tracking

Employee Time Tracking

Tracking opportunities, database


Knowledge management, product mgt


Shared task mgt


Doku wiki+

Internal to do lists and roles

Google calendar

Schedule +, timeliness, meeting planning+

Sugar CRM


Trac ++

Essential, template dev, bug tracking

Demcracy in Action

Email mgt, crm



Doc sharing, list mgt

IM (Adium) ++++++ Staff communication, intl. comm.

@Task Load balancing, resource mgt

Survey monkey User testing, needs analysis for potential reliability

Open Office Calc +++++ Budget, reporting

Fireworks Table structure, interface design

Open Air + Time tracking, staffing, financial reporting

AIM IM, informal communication

eTapestry Donor database

Alcohol Not a cool tool name . actual booze Relax

Drupal fireshare groups

Raisers Edge Event donors, event planning, direct mail

Open Proj Tracking, schedulig

Eventum Online event registration, bug tracking, small feature request tracking Task Management

Project pier (former active collab)+++ project communication, file share,

Basecamp +++++++ Discussion archive, only for small projects, emails, to dos, calendars, specs, task management, timelines

MindMap* Mind Mapping

Freemind Mind Mapping


Google groups Group Writing Editing photos

Merlin *

Media Wiki

Wiki Spaces Collaborative editing

Tiki wiki cms/groupware ++ Wiki planning, documentation, task tracker

Photoshop ++++ Design graphics, producing web, making mockups, flow charts,

Paint Editing photos

Redmine Task Management

Gnome planner

Plone wiki and bug tracker Timeline progress Voice to text transcription, universal capture

Skype++++++++ Conference call, project chat and log, IM, communication with developers

Camtasia++ Creating demos, instructional modules

Word +++++++++++ Biz & tech requirements documentation, descriptions, specs, progress nots, product plan, scope question, project plan, documenting scope

Dreamweaver+ Content

Paper+ Design, thinking, task mgment, user testing

Acrobat Doc management

Power point +++ Communication, demos, presentation, planning

Notepad +++++ * Tech requirements, html editing, progress notes, tasks, budget, storing code

MS Project ++++ Time management, project planing, basis for communication of project progress to client and stakeholders

Go To Meeting Screen sharing

Mail (mac) ++ To-dos, communication

Firefox +++++

Microsoft meeting Meetings and collaboration + Arranging meetings

Sharepoint + Planning, sharing dcumens, collaborative communications, documntation tables and tracking status

Excel +25 One page project manager, budgeting, timelines, finances, database management, against my will moving to online sysem asap, gantt charting, analysis, resource allocation, progress notes, managing staff and volunteers, planning matrix, tproject contact maintenance, to do items,

Microsoft Outlook +++++++++ Personal time mgt, task management, sent items, communication, calendaring and planning


Symbian/productivity tools on my cellphone *

Plaxo staff calendars from outlook

Outlook/exchange * Email, calendars, taskmanager

iCal ++++

SplitBrain * Documentation, knowledge base

Google desktop Scratch notes

Connex ++ Document, tasks, calendaring, people mgmt

File maker project mgt PM, CRM

Vienna rss, keepin track of research and partners


Visio +++++ User plans, process flows, site maps, wirefraims, flowcharts, site maps, project roadmap, workflow chart,

Central desktop ++ Capacity planning, setting milestones

Google Docs +++++ Collabo docs, budgeting, sharing collaboration, planning, editing, requirement docs,

Billings Time tracking and invoicing

Omni outliner omni graffle ++ Graphic timelines, categorizing, clustering, planning layout, mindmap

Sympa/ Email lists