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Report backs

Organization project management

  • End user education, it is important to work with the different personalities in tech projects
  • Communicating, picture is worth a thousand words.
  • Emerging projects last minute, you have to be a buzzkill and bring people back to reality.
  • PM is not a series of switches but a series of dials that require adjustments

Overthrowing the client

  • Identified things about the consultant client relationship, focused on whether is about the money.
  • The necessity to establish trust, that you're providing value for the money, exchange of knowledge for money is fair
  • There is no relationship between the money and the technology provider.
  • It is about relationships not about technology, relationship between client and contractor you will build more than the road if the clients are happy.

Basecamp: moved to Overthrowing


  • You can use wikis to get a sense of who's contributing in a team in ways that you wouldn't if you were using regular tools
  • Wikis are the ultimate example of technology being more horizontal.
  • Wikis as great documentation and KM tool, simple straightforward sketch for how to do wiki project management
  • Slit between wikis that are file based and database based, things to look at.

Software development:

  • When you decide to develop your own software, a consortium based model can provide mentorship and possibly some funding.
  • Markets that are not addressed because they are specific