DC2009:Managing Database Projects

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Community IT Innovators

Help clients in software selection projects

Work with associations primarily, donor management, fundraising

Democracy in Action (Salsa) as cheaper than CapWiz

The steps to choosing a database system:

  • What are the requirements, what are they trying to accomplish with the database?
  • What are the barriers to understanding this? Organizational, don’t know what you need! Do what you need to do to find out what you don’t know!
  • Clearly define current business processes
  • CiviCRM: Drupal based, need to find a developer who specializes
  • Salesforce: commercial product, hosting, leader of cloud computing (customer doesn’t maintain infrastructure at all)
  • eTapestry: Donor management focus, web-based database
  • Neon: Online hosted database, non-profit focus, affordable, good for integration
  • Association Management Systems vs. CRM: membership, trade, etc.
  • Members Only (DC based)
  • ISSI