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  • Reopen the wiki on a month or two to follow up on stories that were put into practice
  • Reconvene at other venues, cities, major gatherings
  • Web conferencing software for online demos of tools
  • Virtual meetings in second life
  • Establish a series of trainings, not see this as a meeting but establish a fellows programs
  • Establish a mentoring program to connect persons with different experiences to help diff
  • Lists of people who attended, photos, services that they need, competencies, services that they provide
  • Mailing list opt out instead of opt in
  • Face to face informal meetings, use meetup tools, check in with other people in between larger meetings
  • Online project management puzzler of the week
  • Regional meetup
  • Community bulletin board, 1 thread about use of specific technology.
  • 501 project managers club.
  • On the existing wiki, add topic based spaces, so conversations that can be useful after the event can be transfered as topics
  • Facilitate quaterly regional meetings as capacity buildings
  • Mentorship program
  • Online forum where people can post problems and get responses
  • Grant money to take this on the road, smaller organizations can attend
  • More documentation, more training, more resources that perhaps we can post to the wiki.